is rene lacoste black | Lacoste Revisits 15 Classics For Its 85th Anniversary

is rene lacoste black

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Art and vogue collide this spring at Lacoste, with a group for kids and adults impressed by the street artwork of the 1980s - a field through which the American artist, Keith Haring, was one thing of a specialist. Pieces on this ready-to-put on collection pay tribute to the vibrant colors, patterns and pop-art vibe of a number of of Keith Haring's works.

Lacoste has inked a brand new deal with Tennis Australia because the unique attire supplier of the Australian Open with an extended partnership set to run until 2018. The French lifestyle brand will present another 5 years of official uniforms for linesmen and girls, ball-kids and chair umpires who will all be wearing the brand's famous crocodile logo.