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Ask your mother and father or someone older you already know about clogs and so they're certain to remember how in style these shoes had been in the seventies. During the early 2000s, this relevant brand joined forces with New York's Kidrobot in developing with fresh and hip sneaker fashions. This was followed by an atypical link up with award-successful London-based mostly architect Zaha Hadid which led to the creation of a vibrant and futuristic rubber-made footwear model. A low-profile interpretation was constructed for the male customers while a calf-excessive version was built for the feminine purchasers.

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Established in 1933, Lacoste named after its founder, Rene Lacoste. Famed for its revolutionary take on the 'preppy' look in addition to its iconic polo shirt, the brand is known for being elegant yet relaxed. Lacoste's pioneering approach to clothing continues with the label's footwear range. With clean, sharp designs, Lacoste shoes supply ultimate comfort and add instant type. Starting from edgy excessive-tops to chic plimsolls, these footwear are the epitome of casual sophistication.

Nearly all Lacoste footwear will use rubber to some extent. Most fashions on this list use rubber within the outsole portion of the shoe, which is comprehensible as this is a materials that's both sturdy and versatile, allowing for good protection and ease of movement. Another reason why rubber is commonly utilized in Lacoste shoes is that it has wonderful shock absorbing properties, making it more snug to put on these shoes for extended durations of time.