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Active cultures added to cow's milk ferment the milk and give buttermilk its tart style. The high acidic content material in buttermilk gives a natural preservative that offers this milk a longer shelf life than regular milk. The bacteria used to make buttermilk convert the lactose in the milk into lactic acid, giving buttermilk its distinctive style. Regular milk incorporates the sugar lactose, which causes the signs of lactose intolerance should you lack the enzyme needed to digest it. The easily absorbed lactic acid in buttermilk doesn't require any digestion.

Following the Lacoste model tagline, "Life is an exquisite sport", all Lacoste products have a sporty, minimal, fashionable and trendy design. Essentially the most famous of the clothes line, Lacoste polo shirts are their signature favoured by women and men of all ages. Because of René Lacoste, skilled French tennis player and founder of Lacoste the development of carrying polo shirts was popularised.