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lacoste dubai online

It was in 1927 when Rene Lacoste made himself a batch of shirts that have been extra comfortable to put on when he was playing tennis. It gave him extra freedom to maneuver while remaining gracefully elegant. Lacoste's shirt changed the favored lengthy sleeve shirt that was standard among males those days and since it had a collar, it looked equally as graceful on the tennis courtroom because it did underneath tennis blazers and sweaters.

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The history of Lacoste follows the story of tennis icon, René Lacoste. His nickname The Crocodile” inspired the signature image that's seen embroidered on the entire brand's legendary polo shirts Find other preppy staples, including Lacoste trainers and different essential items in our offering.

The retailer needs to make it straightforward for you to look good and be sensible along with your money, so it gives Lacoste promo codes to save lots of you on males's and women's clothes You'll be able to maintain your bank account even additional in the black by profiting from Lacoste gross sales.

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