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lacoste goa watch price philippines

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Lacoste cologne is created by a world-well-known attire company that was based by Rene Lacoste in 1933. Rene and his accomplice Andre Gillier, the proprietor of a large company producing French knitwear at the moment, started making tennis shirts with a crocodile brand sewn on the chest. That is the first time that a brand logo was seen outside a bit of attire.

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In 1933, both he and André Gillier, who was the owner of the largest agency manufacturing French knitwear got together and determined to set up their very own company. The main product each had in thoughts was the alligator-embroidered shirt that Lacoste wore throughout that profitable match. By this time, he had already designed quite a lot of tennis shirts for his private use, and both wanted to make a profit out of the concept.

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