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lacoste perfume pink touch

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Established in 1933, Lacoste named after its founder, Rene Lacoste. Famed for its modern tackle the 'preppy' look in addition to its iconic polo shirt, the brand is known for being elegant but relaxed. Lacoste's pioneering approach to clothes continues with the label's footwear vary. With clean, sharp designs, Lacoste sneakers offer final comfort and add immediate style. Ranging from edgy high-tops to chic plimsolls, these footwear are the epitome of casual sophistication.

New York (AFP) - New York vogue week wrapped with designers unable to agree on the season, the way forward for the runway in jeopardy and anti-Donald Trump political outrage palpable. Following the Lacoste model tagline, "Life is a beautiful sport", all Lacoste merchandise have a sporty, minimal, fashionable and trendy design. Essentially the most well-known of the clothes line, Lacoste polo shirts are their signature favoured by women and men of all ages. Due to René Lacoste, professional French tennis participant and founding father of Lacoste the development of sporting polo shirts was popularised.