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This too was suppressed with all types of 'raids', 'wars' and 'pressured labor', wherein, as we now have proven above, they turned acculturated and infused with the vocabulary, vernacular and manners of speech of their colonizers. However in the process, Africans did not loose their mom-tongue in any means, however what they did was hybridized and fused the completely different European languages to type their very own language. What many individuals who speak in regards to the political, cultural and social linguistics as determinant fashioned by the colozers' languages and speechifying, is that, within South African there are many African languages, depending on what region one is in, which are spoken by Africans and evolve simply as fast as any languages that which are spoken and are evolving all over the world.

5. Był brany pod uwagę jako kandydat na prezydenta już w 1988 roku, ostatecznie jednak zrezygnował z ubiegania się nominację Demokratów, udzielając poparcia Michaelowi Dukakisowi, który finalnie przegrał wybory z Georgem H.W. Bushem W 1992 roku Clinton pokonał w wyborach prezydenckich mającego słabe notowania Busha (lwią część głosów republikańskich wyborców zgarnął wówczas kandydat niezależny - Ross Perot), zaś cztery lata później uzyskał reelekcję; kandydatem republikanów był senator Bob Dole, do którego porażki częściowo dołożył się startujący ponownie Perot.

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We've already famous above that language is continually changing. There are lots of components that contribute in the direction of the altering of language and why it is vital for us to look at "Kasi Slang" inside that informed viewpoint. We again defer to McWhorter who informs us as follows: "If we're not conscious of this on a day-to-day level, we all know it in a historical sense. It will be significant for us to notice that such change is happening day by day in all languages.