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Text messages from 2016 purportedly show Lacoste asking girls, who mention they are underage, sexually-charged requests like if they'd imbibe his semen with a shot of alcohol and the way they need to try to be slutty.” Soon, other girls began to come back ahead and shared accounts of comparable interactions with Lacoste. Twitter person @ultrahoney claims she was groomed by him, and that she and Lacoste were in a relationship when she was 14 to 17” and he was 19 to 22” in Jacksonville, Florida.

When he left the tennis courts, René launched Lacoste clothing brand. He started with the now iconic polo shirts with a crocodile brand on the chest, first the white one, usually worn by tennis players and later the logos in many different colours. Success was large and by 1097' the brand was already providing different clothes products for women and men.

Every fashion lover has to visit a Chanel store at the very least once. Visiting Chanel's store on rue Cambon is like discovering the history of style. A home created by Coco Chanel through the 1910s, the brand continues to be an emblem of French luxury. Here you will be able to appreciate the work of Chanel's inventive director Karl Lagerfeld.