where to buy lacoste clothing | Keith Haring X Lacoste Collaboration Details

where to buy lacoste clothing

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After a complete host of success, Lacoste began to develop its offering with jackets, jumpers and every part that it's now. Should you're wondering how the crocodile logo came about the don't worry, we are able to give you the low down. To start with, Lacoste was one of the first brands to function a emblem on the skin of the shirts. However why a crocodile? The origins of Lacoste's brand are actually fairly contested. The first idea goes that René Lacoste was famed for his ferocity and tenacity on the tennis courtroom and gained the nickname ‘the alligator'. This somehow was a crocodile, and here we are eighty years later with logos on everything we see.

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Lacoste has unveiled a brand new collaboration with Keith Haring , celebrating the late artist's iconic visible type. The collection sees Haring's signature motifs featured across pieces together with polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, a sneaker and a reversible tote bag.

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