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Crocodile Performed Deal - because the famous Melbourne tennis tournament completed over the weekend, the French style label introduced another 5 years of collaboration. Wczoraj mój brat był w sklepie, gdzie jedna z pracownic odebrała towar i powiedziała, że nie ma już innych rozmiarów. Została poproszona zwrot pieniędzy i nie było problemu do czasu aż nie pojawił się kierownik. Przyszedł i odmówił zwrotu ze względu na to, że buty były używane ponad godzinę (?). Stwierdził też, że but był czyszczony szczotką (zamszowy), poznał to po rysach na podeszwie (kolejna bzdura).

As we have shown above, this is likely one of the many languages spoken in South Africa and with time I'll add some more. It is important to be aware that this language came about because of the intermixing of Africans in South Africa serving as a cheap labor pool for the mines, white suburbs and so forth. This mixing of africans from all corners of South Africa, compelled the to forge a language that is as modern as the one which I have simply delineated above, and it covers a long span of time. This language has been there since Africans were dwelling in separate areas within South Africa as a whole. It has been known as many names relying on the time period within the historic linguistics of South Africa. It's important at this juncture to put this language diatribe right into a historic context: historic linguistics.

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The French label based in 2008 by the brothers Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha is anticipated to join Maus Frères's international manufacturers division, led by Thierry Guibert and together with Lacoste, Gant and Aigle, by the end of the first half of 2019.

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